Bison Summer


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Produced by Matt Puchir
Grey Matter Recording Studio


released December 27, 2010

Jordan Smith - Vocals/Guitar

Anthony Pires - Vocals/Guitar

Chadbourne Oliver - Bass

Jonathan Bedard - Guitar

James Gisondi - Drums

Guest vocals on "party alone" by Elke Nelson


tags: rock New York


all rights reserved


TWO STATES New York, New York

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Track Name: Cheater Slick
what you are my friend
is a living sun
well you caught me sleeping in again
flat broke, long haired, and tired.
well if the birds keep singing
my ears keep ringing
sleepin' in our cars
the sun comes in just right
it don’t wake me up
it’s my morning light
Track Name: Dropped Deep
New york town is bringing me down
think i’ll set out to sea for a while
if the waves get high and i’m feeling tired
think i’ll come back this way some day
everyday that i wake at sea
with the sun beating down on me
i’m letting my hair grow long
way far out is where i belong
wish i’d been here all along
Giant squids and the submarines
a life at sea is a life for me
my ships no match for a tall rogue wave
but there’s nothing but myself that i’m trying to save
Track Name: Party Alone
I went to party alone, none of my friends were there
you tell me that i’ll be just fine
but you and i both know nothings right tonight
i walked all the way back home, and i climbed right into bed
you know that you don’t take me along
so i end up sitting home, waiting for your call
i want you to stay
babe let me go
i roll out by myself
Track Name: Rattle Snake
take a ride with me, fast times in the rumble seat
everybody needs, someone to cross their i’s, and dot their t’s
this is not what i had in mind
i don’t need an answer right now, just take your time
hey kid go back over that bridge, hey kid, hey kid.
Track Name: Four on the Floor
if you two crazy kids, can’t make it on your own
i don’t know who else can
it manifests itself, look how much it’s grown
quit sleeping in my head
and i'm not listening
if you two crazy kids, stray to far from home
i trust you’ll be just fine.
throw me on a shelf, i let it go
just call when you get in
Track Name: Snow Road
my first snow is coming round’ again
my pick up, is spinning round’ again
well thats alright, i don’t mind
i’ll just keep driving
and how bad the roads get, i won’t stop
and i’ll make it to you.
my first kiss
with a brand new girl
brings you back
right back to the summer time
Track Name: Countryside
i hear the trains rolling westward
i’ve seen the mountains and i’ve seen the sea
dreamt of laying down the grass in oregon
but you’ll never dream of me
gonna ride that train for miles, yeah i’m gonna ride for days
baby we’ll just keep on rolling into that hot summer haze
because i wanna feel the sun, i wanna smell that sea
ride away, will you come, come with me
and we’ll see what we could find
run away with me, to the country side.
to much time has been wasted and now it’s time to waste away
i’ve been waiting on the bison summer, to come and take us away
singing songs of desperation, basement days with the graveyard kids
i’ll keep breaking my strings if you bang on the drums
and we’ll see what we could get.
Track Name: Buried
Sleeping in again, i'm all alone
no pretty little lady to wake up next to.
Haven't seen such long faces
since the last day of summer vacation.
So i tell my friends, just take me home
i think i’m over do for lovin.
Black cats in my attic,
thirsty bats hanging from the wood beams.
There’s a tag around my toe, my numbers just not up.
It’s not my time to go, but it was you i was thinking of.
Track Name: 1865
i’ve been gone for seven days now
I’ll be gone for seven more
I think it’s time i left this place now
i’ve got my thoughts, you’ve got yours
on the night that you had left me.
i knew who you were thinking of
can’t say i didn’t see it coming
tell me now who do you love
i can’t see whats in front of me
should i stay or should i leave
our time has come, now it’s past
i knew this would never last
Track Name: Street Lights
theres a frozen lake down the street from my house
you know it holds my heart until the summer time
when that lake thaws out, you know i like to walk down
and i like to swim out with some kids from my neighborhood
meet me there before the streetlights come on
well it’s warm out now, took off my boots and my coat
threw my swimsuit on and raced down to the pedal boats
we could skip our stones, we could ride our bikes
we could stay outside until it’s not bright warm night
until we say goodnight night.
Track Name: Ghost
i’ve seen ghosts and i’ve seen apparitions
i was blind but, now i see
when i found out you had just been lying
when you flaked out, when you left me alone
so i’ll wait, for that love
the love thats been locked up with the key i’ll never find
and i can see, yeah i got eyes
so a girl like you wouldn’t waste her time
don’t waste your time on me.
a memory is a photograph thats fading
i see the bodies, but not the details
i feel the sand beneath my feet and it is sunny
girl i’ve been sleeping so strange
and i see it every time, every time i think i good things coming my way
when i die i just don’t know
but i’ll be true until the day i go
a silhouette against the moon
looking over that hudson blue
will i see you there, i don’t know
on the day that my body goes
where is that gusty wind
gonna carry my soul